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Lina Broudo

The Story of Lina Broudo

Lina Broudo lived at Amerikanikou Erithrou Stavrou Street together with her father Alberto, her mother Fortune and her grandmother Louna. She was born on November 26 1930 and attended the 1st grade of the Sxina private school for girls during school year 1940 – 1941. Like every Jewish family in the city, in February 1943 the Broudo family was ordered to issue a new identity card and wear the “yellow star”. Each identity card and star had the same individual number; Lina’s was 2117. From the declaration of assets, her father, as the head of the family, had to complete, concerning the family’s property, we know that her family owed the school 60.000 drachmas in tuition fees. The family had 35 pieces of clothing and 14 pairs of shoes. The family was deported in 1943 when Lina was just 13 years old. None of them returned.