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Mordohai Karasso

The Story of Mordohai Karasso

Mordohai Karasso was a student at the 2nd Secondary School for boys. His father, Avraam, was a clerk. His mother’s name was Rashel. They lived at 39 Pavlou Mela Street. He was born in 1922 and was 20 years old when he graduated. Mordohai had two younger sisters named Dasy and Berta. Berta was born in 1932 and during the war she was a student at the 40th public primary school. Dazy was born in 1926.

The family fled the city to hide in the mountains. Mordohai was executed in Edessa, while his father, was arrested, imprisoned and ultimately executed at the Pavlou Mela military camp in Thessaloniki. Only Rashel and her daughters returned to the city.