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Pepo Assael

The Story of Pepo Assael

Pepo Assael was born on the of May 20, 1925 and lived with his father Benveniste and his mother Matilde on Gravias 19 Street. During school year 1941 – 1942 he graduated from the Astiko Secondary School.

He and his family were deported on the 14th train that left from Thessaloniki for Auschwitz. On that train, 2.930 people were crammed. The train left the railway station on the April 28, 1943 and arrived eight days later on May 4. Upon arrival only 538 people (220 men and 318 women) were considered capable of work and entered the concentration camp, the rest were killed on the spot. The number that was tattooed on Pepo’s arm was 119814. Pepo was later deported to Mauthausen, from where he was liberated. He was the sole survivor of his family.