This section contains short biographies of nine Jewish students, as found in the school records studied for the ‘Mapping the memory’ research project. These short biographies provide information on the date of birth, family, residence and school years of each student. Particular emphasis was placed on the different paths Thessaloniki Jews were forced to take during the German Occupation, which was the main goal of presenting these stories.

The stories of the following students are presented below: Korina Andjel, Sam Arditti, Pepo Assael, Iakov Benveniste, Lina Broudo, Silvia Haim, Leon Gatenio, Sabetai and Ester Kamhi, Mordohai Karasso.

Each story is also accompanied by archival photographs concerning each person and their photographs, were available.

Esther and Sabetai Kamhi

Esther and Shabetai Kamhi lived with their father, Lieto, their mother, Elvira, and their sister, Mazalto, at 36 Ptolemeon Street. Theirs was not the only family living there

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Iakov Benveniste

Iakov Benveniste was born on March 30, 1925 in Thessaloniki. He lived with his parents Iosif and Riketa on 7 Kassandrou Street. During the 1941 – 1942 year he attended the Public Commercial Shcool (Dimosia Emporiki Sxoli). We know from the schools advice that during the WW2, 53 Jewish students attended the school, but only six survived Iakov was one of them

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Korina Andjel

Korina Angel was born in 1926. She lived with her parents Haim and Mary and her two younger siblings at 30 Santaroza Street at the west part of the city, close to the old railway station

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Leon Gatenio

Leon Gatenio was born on July 31st, 1923. His mother- name was named Vida, his father’s Alberto. Leon had two siblings, Andrian (Andreas) and Adina born in 1926 and in 1930 respectively

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Lina Broudo

Lina Broudo lived at Amerikanikou Erithrou Stavrou Street together with her father Alberto, her mother Fortune and her grandmother Louna. She was born on November 26 1930 and attended the 1st grade of the Sxina private school for girls during school year 1940 – 1941

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Mordohai Karasso

Mordohai Karasso was a student at the 2nd Secondary School for boys. His father, Avraam, was a clerk. His mother’s name was Rashel. They lived at 39 Pavlou Mela Street

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Pepo Assael

Pepo Assael was born on the of May 20, 1925 and lived with his father Benveniste and his mother Matilde on Gravias 19 Street. During school year 1941 – 1942 he graduated from the Astiko Secondary School

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Sam Arditti

Sam Arditti was born in 1922. During the school year 1941 – 1942 he graduated from the Astiko Gimnasio in Thessaloniki. He lived with his parents Iosef and Dudun in Pavlou Mela 30 street. He had an older brother named Iakov born in 1918. They were not the only Jewish family who lived on this street. According to school archives, 14 Jewish families lived there

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Sylvia Chaim

Sylvia Chaim was born in 1920. She was just 23 years old when she died. She lived with her mother and two older siblings: Elias born in 1911 and Rena, born in 1916

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